Bugsplat while trying to render

Hello!! I’ve been using vray since 4 months…
Recently i completed two , big projects in sketchup…
Everytime I hit the render button on vray… there’s a bugsplat when the vray rendering window opens!
Also I found out that it renders perfectly without some materials from 3d warehouse…
I can’t remove them as they’re needed for my design.
What do I do ?? Please help!!

Also here’s the link to my file

There was a release of V-Ray 5 that did cause crashes when you render. At the time we saw those crashes, the only work around was to go back to the previous version of V-Ray 5. Since then Chaos released a version that was hopefully going to take care of the issue.

Try this version from April 8th:


I also had problems with V-Ray 5. Not crashes though, but after downloading some models from 3D Warehouse I started getting the sentence: “An error occured (was encountered)” in the V-Ray Asset Editor and was unable to do practically anything inside V-Ray, including rendering.
I ended up downgrading back to the safe Next (4th) version, but you can download the newest build of V-Ray 5 and see if the problem persists. If it does, contact support@chaosgroup.com, describe the problem in an e-mail and send them the model that crashes (if you can). I’m sure they work hard on fixing these bugs and every single user case they analyse will get them closer to the solution.

I’m using the latest version!!!
Please help as I need those models for my project :pensive:

Alright!! Thank you!