Vray causes Sketchup crash when opening Asset Editor

Hi, I’ve been using Vray for about 2 weeks and suddenly every time I try to use any of the Vray Tools my CPU starts running at 100% and then sketchup crashes with no warning and no option to lodge a bug report.
I’m not doing anything differently to what I have been but it’s suddenly stopped working.
It still works on other files but not this one. I have purged the model of all unused materials in the hopes that might help but it hasn’t.

If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this issue that would be very helpful.

It is possible that one of the assets will create problems for you. Did you insert anything from the outside into your model right before the errors appeared?

I did insert an object from 3D Warehouse. I deleted it and a few other things but still didn’t work. After deleting every object in the model and purging materials its working fine, but I will need to add them back in which is a problem.

It would be ideal to create your own models and textures, but if you have chosen to download the components from 3D Warehouse, at least check them individually before inserting them into the working model.

A more realistic workflow would be to have two sketchup models open, one which you import assets into the, purge the materials etc & then copy it ovet yo the working model