Bugsplat when loading extensions

Hi! I’m quite new to SketchUp and I am currently using the demo version of SketchUp 2019 for MacOS

I have a problem, whenever I try to load any kind of extensions, the program crashes and throws up a Bugsplat. Any help would be welcomed :grin:

Thanks in advance.

That certainly shouldn’t happen! So, some questions:

  • Did you install SketchUp properly by opening the installer and in the installer window dragging the SketchUp icon onto the Applications folder icon?
  • Are you installing the extensions using the Extension Manager window or the Extension Warehouse window? If not, what are you doing?
  • What version of macOS are you running?

Edit: a further thought:
Did you format your disk using the case-sensitive (non-default) option? SketchUp doesn’t play well with case-sensitive filesystems.


I’m currently running version 10.12.6

I did install by dragging the SketchUp icon onto the Applications icon.

I am using extension warehouse

Not sure about formating though

I’m out of ideas. Are you submitting the BugSplats to Trimble with identifying info so they can get back to you?

Erm… I can’t open the BugSplat

Does it happen for all extensions?

When a bugsplat occurs a window should pop up with fields where you enter your info and buttons to submit the report or not. Are you not seeing that? If not, there is something more serious going on…

Please list the Extensions you think are loading…
A built-in set of sup_ extensions load whatever you do.
What else is involved ?

No I just see the icon in my dock.

Solid inspector
Sandbox tools
Soap bubble

“Sandbox tools” are from a su_ shipped extension, so it should be trouble free.

“Solid inspector” is by @tt_su it also needs his TT Lib installing perhaps that’s an issue ? Otherwise it’s a stable and well known extension.

“Soap bubble” is I guess “Soap Skin & Bubble” ? This tool has had many incarnations, do you have the newest version ? The EWH lists its v1.0.26 as MAC and v2019 compatible - it was published yesterday !

A few times I’ve had BugSplat hang without opening its window. Fortunately, the same info as it would send to Trimble is available in a crash log file on your Mac. The crash logs are kept in

/Users/<your name>/Logs/DiagnosticReports/

and have names such as

SketchUp_2019_02_07_123456_<your computer name>.crash

,or if BugSplat managed to capture it, the report log may instead end with

Note that the location is in your personal Library folder, not the system’s /Library. By default Finder hides your Library, so if you don’t see it you will have to use Finder’s Go-Go to Folder item to get there.

If you can find a crash log and upload it here, someone may be able to diagnose the issue.

I found the folder but it looks that there aren’t any crash logs for some reason.

Shouldn’t cause a crash. If TT_Lib is missing a webdialog box opens with instructions to install it.

  • When you say “load” - do you mean when you install? If so, does installation complete?
  • Does SU crash upon startup?
  • Have you tried remove one-by-one the extensions you installed?

When opening SketchUp, it asks me if I want to load extensions. If i say “yes” and open any file (new or previously edited), SketchUp crashes.

I have never seen such a question. can you share a screenshot of it?



That message contains a very good clue.
A case-sensitive OS for MAC is NOT recommended as it will often cause these kinds of issues - not just with SketchUp, it also breaks many other apps.

So, is your MAC’s OS case-sensitive ?
e.g. can you make two files in the same folder with the same name ?
e.g. test.txt and Test.txt
On a PC, or a MAC which is set up to be case-insensitive, only one such file is allowed…


I checked and its case-sensitive

That begs the question “why”? That isn’t the macOS default, but in some cases IT folks configure a Mac that way for consistency with other UNIX computers. As @TIG stated, it is a bad idea on Mac because many apps, not just SketchUp, are compiled in ways that presume case-insensitive. Eventually case-sensitive on Mac will get you into trouble.