Bugsplat upon opening

hi, i am a new be here in the community…i just wanted to share my experience about hard time opening my sketchup 2015 on my other laptop…every time i try to open the app bugsplat…i also tried to reinstall the app but still upon opening it always bugsplat…is there anything i can do about,.?i have some pending works just because of this…
i am very much thankfull for the help…godbless the community

I have a similar experience when I unplug my laptop. Something to do with the laptop’s power saving mode and what graphic card it runs it seems in my case.

Has this always happened or did it start one day?

i installed new su2015 on my other laptop so that i can make my other project n it…but unfortunately after installing upon opening tha app bugsplat is up too…

But has it ever worked in this computer?

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