Bugsplat - SU2024 Tape measure tool

Hi! I am taking an online SketchUp course - every time I try to use the Tape Measure tool, my program crashes. Any advice on what is causing this/how to work around it?

I have the 2024 version. I am new to this program and not at all tech savvy; here to learn! Thanks in advance

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Your profile says you are using SketchUp for Schools which is the web based version for young school children. Is that what you are using? What operating system and graphics card? You put “2024” in your forum profile but that is not an answer to either question.

Are you sending in the Bug Splat reports with your email address attached so they can be looked at?

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Hi DaveR,

Thanks for the quick reply. I am using SketchUp Pro - I’ll change the info on my profile. As mentioned, I am not tech savvy and entered 2024 as a means to advance as I did not know what operating system and graphics card meant.

I am using a macOS Monterey Version 12.7.5, graphics Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536 MB (does that answer your question??)

I have received multiple Bug Splats for numerous issues (I’ll create separate reports for those) and have submitted my email for those.


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I have exactly the same problem on a Macbook Pro running Monterey 12.7.5 with Intel Iris Graphics 6100.

Intel Iris Graphics 6100 is not compatible with the new engine
can you confirm it’s turned off (preference / graphics / use classic engine)

both your macs might be on the lower limit of compatibility on this one

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I don’t seem to be able to turn it off using your sequence. There is no obvious graphics option under preferences.

The computer is ancient.

I’m not certain, as I don’t have an ancient Mac to test, but it is possible that on detecting an unsupported graphics card SketchUp automatically reverts to the “classic” engine. In that case there would be no option to choose between new and classic.

yeah, that’s my guess too especially since the 6100 is explicitly listed as non compatible.

@Robinonmaybelle did you get / submit bugsplats ?
if so, between yours and JacquelynL maybe Colin can tell exactly what’s going on

On Windows systems that don’t support DirectX 12, the Use new graphics engine option is still there, and you can select it. But, you’re immediately told that your system doesn’t support that, and the classic graphics engine is re-chosen.

I would expect it to be the same on Mac.

We get a number of these crashes daily. I found @Robinonmaybelle 's crashes, I looked at half a dozen from yesterday, and they all had the same sketchup graphics crash and all were Intel(R) Iris™ Graphics 6000 or 6100.


Hi - and thanks. Yes I did submit bugsplats.

But hey - I misunderstood your suggestion and was trying to switch graphics card in the Mac Preferences. I do see it there in the Sketchup Prefs. I am trying that now.

Thanks guys - ateliernab’s suggestion, once I understood what he was in fact saying, did fix the problem. It also stopped a slow spinning beach ball on startup.

I’m guessing though that this will diminish some of the functionality of the program but I’m not a power user by any means so it will probably continue to work well for my needs.

Thanks again for all of your help.

well, “diminish” is a big word.

you’ll be using the classing openGL engine that has been there for the past 20 years, basically, you’re using a sketchup2023++
because of that you’ll loose the new Ambiant Occlusion, but if it means you can keep working on your “ancient” computer, it’s worth it :wink:


I like that approach. :vulcan_salute:t4: