Bugsplat on startup Windows 10

After I installed a new GPU, Sketchup always create a bugplat report when I press the start button.

bugplat error codes:

My pc specs:
Windows 10 64-bit
8GB 1600Mhz RAM
ATI HD 7800 series GPU( the new gpu I installed)
AMD A10-7850k APU

Did you get a new program called Plays.TV installed when you installed the drivers for your new GPU?

The Bug Splat on startup has been seen by others who updated drivers on AMD cards. The problem was traced to Plays.TV. Uninstall it and see if SketchUp starts up properly.

It’s unfortunate that you didn’t put in an nVidia GPU instead. They have much better support for OpenGL.

The program called Plays.TV is fully uninstalled, and I am still getting the same error/BugSplat.