BUGS in v23.1.340 (Win 11)

There’s yet another shortcut bug: SU inserts command shortcuts into VCB instead of keeping in transparent.
In the first example A key for Arc tool stays in VCB and prevents entering segments value.
In the 2nd example Shift+F is for TIG’s Fillet. F stays glued and prevents entering radius value.
This faulty behavior NEVER existed in previous versions.

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I had this problem already in the first 2023.1 version, it is very annoying

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In previous builds I sometimes couldn’t copy obgects with /n - it was impossible to type in slash key
I guess it’s also related

It’s a known issue, it happens the same with the C and Z keys, the solution for now is to hit the backspace before typing any value.

When you moved up to 23.1.3 did you upgrade from 23.1.2? Thanks, Kath

Same for me. So annoying!

I have had to remap all of my camera view shortcuts (Shift+up, shift+down etc.) because they no longer work.

The eraser tool icon is taking some getting used to, I can’t remember the last cursor I have used that didn’t have the pointer / focus at the bottom left corner.


Just because of shortcuts I have to rollback once again

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I assume the new major version will be delivered in approx. 2-3 months. Is there place for hope that broken shortcuts will be fixed in v.2024? Please Trimble @colin address this issue.
Thanks in advance