Bug with eye dropper tool Mac OS

After using the eye dropper tool to set front or back color of face the cursor disappears and I have to select outside of sketchup and get another app to redraw the cursor before the cursor will show up again in Sketchup. MacOS ElCapitan Sketchup 16.1.1451

Clicking the spacebar in SketchUp (which switches to the SelectionTool,) will not reset the cursor ?
Or trying O (for OrbitTool) then spacebar ?

Nope, neither works. I have to click (without being able to see the cursor) in the menu bar of another app.

I’ve also run into this on occasion on my MBP retina. The cursor is gone entirely until you change from SketchUp to another app and then back (eg by means of cmd-tab). I’ve never been able to find a 100% reproducible way to trigger it, so it’s hard to diagnose. I suspect without proof that there is some glitch in how SketchUp manages cursors on OS X, as sometimes the cursor doesn’t change when I activate a new tool until the first click.

For me using the eye dropper is 100% reproducible.

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Same config, doesn’t happen. And there are 2 eyedroppers, one is the Apple System one, and one is SketchUp’s. I couldn’t make it happen with either. Multiple monitors? Spaces? Hit Ctrl-F7 to enable all controls keyboard access (per System Preferences->Keyboard), and does that help:

Lastly, you are aware of this on El Capitan, that makes your cursor bigger when you wiggle: