Eye Dropper Tool Working?

When I select the eye dropper the icon changes to eye dropper as it should but I can’t seem to pick any color. Usually it just hangs up My.SketchUp. I’m using a Chromebook. Is this tool working for others?

It is working on Safari and Chrome for me. Do you see the instructions in the command line change if you press Command (On Mac)?

I didn’t notice until you ask. Yes the command line changes. I have tried it out some more and turns out that it is working. It just takes a very long time before the icon turns into a paint bucket. I have to click “Wait” on at least two ‘Page not responding’ pop ups before I get the response. That’s why I thought it was hung up. Don’t know why it takes sooo long, mostly I get quick reaction in My.SketchUp. Anyway, Thanks for responding, it helped me figure out what’s going on.

Remember my.SketchUp.com is still in Betà , and many things depend on the internet connection : speed-safety-etc.