Bug Splat with each save

Hi there, I am encountering an issue where each time I save a SU file to update the layout file, SU bug splats and saves a temporary file with the latest changes. It’s great that there is a .tmp file saved that I can convert into a .skp file, but it’s obviously a nuisance and slows down my workflow considerably. Has anyone else been encountering this issue? Do you have a solution? For a while it seemed that rebooting my computer solved the issue for at least the day, but that is no longer the case.

I haven’t seen this issue but I wonder a few things. First, where are you saving your files? To an internal drive or some external storage or the cloud? How large is the file? Do you have any heavyweight components in your model? Are you still using SU2021 as your profile shows? Is this only happening with a single file or does it happen with all files? Can you share the .skp file so we can take a look and see if there’s some obvious or at least likely cause for the behavior you’re getting?

I am saving my files to our company’s server (to the “x:” drive). We have been operating this way and not saving directly to our computers for 7 years, so it seems unlikely that that is all of a sudden the issue. The files are not excessively large or loaded down with heavy components. It happens to nearly empty files that I am just starting with simple geometry, and doesn’t happen to a coworker with much larger files and much more heavyweight components. It happens with all of my files. I am currently using SU 2021.

So all is well.

Might be a loose cable.

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Do you get Bug Splats if you save to the internal drive? There was another user recently who was getting constant Bug Splats when saving to the company network. Turned out to be a bad network cable.

It’s good that saving to a location outside your computer has worked for you but there are numerous reports of files becoming corrupted because of that. I’ve never had a problem myself but I see enough of these reports from others that I wouldn’t consider saving and working on files that are not resident on the internal drive.