Sketchup 2017 not saving backup files, then bugsplat!



I have been working on a file that is around 120 mb for the last few days.
In sketchup Pro 17.

However, I have realised that sometimes (not on every occasion), that no .skb files are being produced as I work, and that when I attempt to save, a bugsplat occasionally occurs and I lose virtually all of my work.
There are .tmp files being produced, with the same name as my file, but they are 0kb.

It’s really very frustrating as I keep losing hours and hours of solid modelling…

Have just read another topic and tried ‘run as administrator’, then ‘repair’, but doesnt seem to have done anything.



Where are you saving? If you are trying to save directly into cloud storage, you should try saving locally and updating the cloud only when finished. My Internet connection takes several minutes to download a 120 MB file and uploading would be even slower. If on a network drive, you could also try local saving, if it works better then it would indicate some LAN problem.



I agree with @Anssi. .tmp files are often created by windows itself or by a remote file app such as DropBox as a place to accumulate the output from a program before sending it over the air. The .tmp file is used until the app closes the file upon completion and then is deleted after the file is transmitted. It sounds like this process is being initiated when SketchUp starts to save the model and then SketchUp crashes (for some reason I don’t know), leaving the empty .tmp file behind. These temporary files aren’t needed when you save directly to the local disk, so try that and see if the problem goes away.

PS: Are you sending the bugsplats to Trimble with info to identify you? They are pretty good at tracking down the cause of splats.


Hi all,

I’m just saving to my desktop - so shouldn’t be a problem there.

It just happened again after I posted and I’ve send the bugsplat to trimble… very confused and annoyed!


As well you should be! Hopefully Trimble will be able to figure it out from the BugSplat.


Hi Bryan-

The bugsplat report shows that SketchUp is crashing in a library called “nvoglv64” - this is part of the graphics card driver. There isn’t much more in the crash report, so I can’t tell what the root cause is. This could be related to something that happens during save (for example, creating a thumbnail). Or it could be related to memory usage or something else.

In SketchUp, are you able to export to a 2d graphic or does it crash?

I’d recommend looking for an updated version of the graphics card driver to start.

(Crash id #41239)