Saved as a .tmp file!?

I just saved a project in 2017 that I’d been working on for a while in 2016, and it looks like it automatically saved it as a .tmp file instead of a .skp file, no backup was made, and now I can’t open it. Has this happened to anyone else?

never heard of this happening…

if you rename it .skp does it open?


Nope, it starts to open then says “this doesn’t appear to be a sketchup

where were you saving it too, i.e Documents, Dropbox, etc… ?

if you open a new model, draw a square, and Save, does that work?

can you upload this .tmp file [zip it first]

there is a hidden folder for ‘lost’ skp’s but it not easy to find unless you really know your way around a mac…

do you?


Unless you’re comfortable around unix commands (I’ll send those if you are), can you share the file with me and we’ll take a look.


I am having this exact problem, over and over again.

No backup files appear to be getting produced, only a tmp 0kb file, then bugsplat when i attempt to save and I lose all my work…

I never solved this problem, had to start over. It was on a school
computer, mine is still 2016. But I also haven’t tried! Hoping the
problem isn’t my dinosaur 2009 macbook handling SU2017 but just a 2016-2017
conversion problem. Downloading 2017 now. Fingers crossed.