Why is my model saving as a .tmp file? Sketchup Pro 2018



I’ve been working on a project for school for about two weeks and all of a sudden my sketchup file began saving and auto saving as a .tmp file and no matter where I save it on my laptop, It won’t let me save as a skp file. I am saving to the local C drive but I have also tried saving to the D drive with no luck.

Is there any way to solve this or recover the .tmp?




It sounds like Windows has changed a file association. Can you upload the file to the 3D Warehouse as a way to get it saved out to access later? Then start by shutting your computer down and restarting it. After that, make a test SketchUp model and save it. Does it save with the SKP extension?



I actually just opened the sketchup file from the last time it saved correctly and I only lost about an hour of work. I saved it as a different name and it saved just fine this time so I think I’ll just continue working on this file and eat that lost hour. But do you have any idea how I can avoid this happening in the future? or is it just a glitch that sketchup has?



I’m not sure what caused it in the first place but I’m sure it’s not a glitch that SketchUp has. This is surely caused by the operating system.



ok, thanks for your help!

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Good luck. Hopefully you won’t see this again.



If you keep the SketchUp installer exe file, you can try to re-run the installer (“As administrator”,) and choose the “Repair” option. This may reset the SKP file association.

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If I’m not mistaken SketchUp saves as a separate file and then swaps out the old file, to avoid data corruption in the case of SketchUp exiting during save. If that’s the case I still don’t know why the last step of renaming the file doesn’t work. Do you have write permission to the skp file?