Autosaving as .tmp file, unexpected file format

Having an issue where my Autosave files are saving as .tmp files, and are unrecoverable when I try and change the filepath name to .skb . When the file crashes / bug splats, the only saved files are .tmp files. When I rename the file and try to open it as suggested, the “Unexpected file format.” Error box comes up. I already attempted to uninstall and reinstall Sketchup on my computer and the same issue is occurring. Is this an issue with my computer or is it a setting within sketchup that needs fixing? My coworkers Autosave files all save as .skb files and do not have the same issue.

Please advise!

Did you try renaming the extension as .skp?

Yes, and the same error message occurs.

When you reinstalled, did you right click on the downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator?

Where are you saving files to? Locally or out in the cloud?

Will try reinstalling doing Run as administrator.

Saving files locally

Do not uninstall. After you right click on the installer, select Run as administrator and then choose Repair.

Thanks for the suggestion. I did this and it is still showing up as an unexpected file format error when I try to open my renamed tmp. to skp file. Confusing because the file Size is showing up as 168,512 KB so the data for the tmp. / autosaved file should be there.

I didn’t think that reinstalling SketchUp would change the file and make it possible to open. You mentioned having reinstalled SketchUp and I asked to make sure you had installed it correctly.

Is your original copy of the file unusable?

There have been other reports in the past of autosaved files being saved as .tmp but from what I was able to read, it seemed they were marked as such because the autosave operation couldn’t complete. In some cases due to problems accessing the auto save location. We have seen cases where Windows prevents SketchUp from writing to required file locations because of improper installation of SketchUp. Installing it correctly using Run as administrator should eliminate that issue. It may be, however, that your autosaved file is not recoverable at this point.

Also a note. SKB (backup files) files should be saved in the same directory where you’ve saved the SKP file.

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