Unexpected File Format tmp to skp

Hello, I’m having trouble opening my files since they have an unusual file format. I tried changing the name from tmp to Skp, but it didn’t work for me. Is there anyone who can help me retrieve my file?

Here’s the file: 2 STOREY APARTMENT-1.skp - Google Drive


Did you make this in SketchUp for Schools or SketchUp Pro? Your profile is confusing.

Hello, apologies for the confusion. The model I made was created in Sketchup Pro.

In SketchUp 2020 Pro? Please correct your forum profile. That information helps us help you.

Hopefully @colin can do something with your file.

Yes. My profile has been edited. After initially being unable to save my files, the application was unexpectedly forced to quit, leaving me with a tmp file. I attempted to open the file after changing the tmp to skp, and it revealed that the file had an unexpected format.

Changing a .tmp file to .skp is extremely unlikely to leave you with a usable sketchUp file. Do you have the original .skb copy of the file? Maybe you can share that so we can take a look at that.

The last part of the file is filled with zeros. I could only recover materials from the file, no geometry or components.

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