Unexpected File Format - SKP Rename Not Working


The other day I was working in my file just fine, some of the last things I did in the file was create layers and export some 2D jpeg. Today, I went to open up my model and I am getting the error of “unexpected file format.” I read through some forums and tried the whole “rename from skb to skp” thing and that didn’t work. Can anyone help or grab my file and see if they can work their magic? I’m open to any help I can get!!!


You could upload the file so we can take a look and see what’s what. It might be someone from the SketchUp team might be able to recover the file. If it’s important to you, though, you might want to consider starting over in the meantime.

See below for my files in a drive link. I would appreciate if you could see if it can be recovered. Thanks for the quick response!


I’m not able to open them but maybe someone from the SketchUp team will have time to take a look. It’s getting late form them tonight and as a hobbyist user, you might want to take my advice and start your model again.

Bummer. Would they not even consider looking at my file because I’m a “hobbyist” user? Although this file is not for work… I use sketchup professionally at work daily and have professional licenses there.

They might look at it but part of the agreement for using the free version is no technical support. Again, if someone on the team who can possibly fix it has time, they might have a look and see what they can do. No guarantee though.

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How do I see if “they may have time?” Do I have to send a separate email or thread, or you forward my request on? Thanks.

Wait until tomorrow. One of them may be along to look at this thread.

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