Bug Splat when dragging sketchup window to another monitor

I have a dual monitor setup. Recently had to take out my rtx3080 for repair so put my old gtx1070 back in. I also had to change one of my dual monitors to an older one, because of compatibility issues with the gtx1070.

Since then, for some reason, sketchup always open on my secondary monitor despite trying to drag and close the window on my main. Which is OK. But the problem occurs when I drag it to my main monitor… I can rotate the model and assign materials etc without problems, but as soon as I start modeling by clicking on the LINE tool or SHAPES tool, a BUG SPLAT hits immediately. This bug only occurs on the monitor I designated as the “main”, regardless of the actual monitor, so it doesn’t look like its anything to do with the monitor themselves.

At the moment I can do everything fine on the “secondary” monitor. It’s just that it always opens on the secondary monitor (which is a bit annoying), and whenever I drag it to my “main” monitor and start modeling there, it crashes with a BUG SPLAT.

No other programs on my computer opens in this funny way.


There are many other topic about it, e.g. The problem with (display) windows in the new version 2024

Unfortunately there is no solution yet.
The best option for you to go back to that hw setup where SU2024 is working for you. Or you can pray for a fix…

Btw. The bug splat happens when the tooltip is about to display. This problem they fixed in the last release by disable the tooltip.

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One thing to try is to go into the SketchUp Preferences, Graphics, and from the menu at the bottom choose your RTX3080, instead of the system default.

Crashing when using two monitors has been around for several years, and I think it’s because the GPU being used has changed on the fly. Selecting the RTX should make the GPU stay with that one.

Thanks! Updating to the latest release fixed the bug splat problem. That was the main issue for me.

For now I’ll just have to put up with dragging sketchup to my main monitor. Gonna be awhile before my 3080 comes back…

I hope sketchup fix this annoying problem soon!