Bug splat from the moment I open my model/file

Bug splat Crash #780500
When opening my file after a few seconds SU shuts down. Impossible to do anything in the model. Happened already 10 times exactly the same.
Who can help?
Many thanks!


Does this happen for every file, including a new blank one, or just for certain file(s)? If just one or a couple, could you share them here so forum members can try to help? We are just unpaid volunteers. Unlike Trimble employees, we can’t see bug splat reports.

I see that it was SketchUp 2021 that you saw the crash in. The crash you’re getting is related to the Intel UHD 630 GPU you use. I found other people had seen the same problem. Here’s one example case:

For that user Intel suggested downloading a later driver, and I see that the driver did have an update a month ago. Could you check whether you are up to date? Here’s their download page for the new driver:

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