Bug Splash has occurred in the SketchUp 2017

Hello guys, I have a quite serious issue.
When I ran the SketchUp, it was terminated. So I updated window OS, graphic card driver and set the sketchup preference up to 0x.
However same issue has still occurred.
is there anyone who help me and let me know how to fix this problem?

Which version of SketchUp are you actually using? The title of your post says 2017 while your profile says 2020 Studio. If you are using SU2017, is it Pro or Make?

What Nvidia graphics card do you have?

Is the Bug Splat occurring when you open SketchUp or while you are doing something in it?Is it with a specific model file or with any file? Did you install SketchUp correctly? That is, did you right click on the downloaded installer file and choose Run as administrator?

Thank you
I have the SketchUp 2017 and I also use Nvidia graphic card.
When I open the SketchUp and I use the line tool to draw a 2D plan, this issue has occurred with any file.
SketchUp installation is OK.

What is the problem???

Please correct your profile since it is wrong.

SketchUp Pro or Sketchup Make?

Which Nvidia card?

Your description of what happens when you try to draw a line would indicate that the installation is not OK.

You haven’t provided enough information yet to tell you what the problem is.

Are you sending the Bug Splat reports in when they occur?

  • SketchUp 2017 Pro

  • Intel UHD Graphics 620

  • Window 10

  • 4GB RAM

  • I sent the Bug Splash reports when the bug occurred.

  • SketchUp 2017
  • Intel UHD Graphics 620
  • Window 10
  • 4GB RAM

I have installed the SketchUp over 3 times, but the bug has still occurred. And I always have sent the bug reports.

I guess some window system files(Visual C++ or something) are the problem. Or the graphic card issue.
However I don’t know how to solve this problem.


Intel UHD Graphics 620 is not optimal for sketchup - its a integrated graphics and not a nvidia high performance graphics card.
4GB RAM is also not optimal for Win10 and sketchup - 8GB is the usable minimum.

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Thank you
By the way, I have used SketchUp before this bug occurred. And other users who use integrated graphic cards have no bugs like this. Why do I have this problem? T…T

Check the Intel website for an updated driver for your UHD graphics chip. A Windows update may have messed up your graphics driver.

In SketchUp, you can try to go to the Window menu>Preferences>OpenGL dialog, and, if “Use Fast Feedback” is checked, uncheck it. (or, if it is unchecked, turning it on helps with some graphics cards and drivers). SketchUp must be restarted for the changes to take effect.

Thank you!!!