Bug in Layout -- Scenes revert to "Last Saved Sketchup View"

After renaming the scenes in SU, Layout was not able to track the changes and reverted ALL the scenes to “Last saved Sketchup View”.

This is a serious work flow problem, especially as drawings move from SD to DD to CDs.

eg: I cut a section and label in SD as “north section” or such. But as the model and drawings grow, for the sake of info management, it needs to be renames (e.g., “Section A-A”); or scenes need to be renamed if they are perspectives for SD, or working drawings bases for CDs. The whole “scene” structure and organization needs rethinking so that scenes can be stable and integrated and consistent between the various phases of the project.

Is there some key I am missing to keep the scenes always linked regardless of changes to the SU model?

Window->SketchUp Model, select the model, and confirm that the Scene: pulldown is set to the scene you want.

Hello, I can see your frustration and feel your pain with this current implementation. We have captured this internally and will schedule the fix accordingly.


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Ha, didn’t read the whole thing, namely the “renaming Scenes”. What this does is give you the ability to use a SketchUp template saved in a LayOut template, then have all your construction documents auto-populate. But renaming would break that. I’ll let Trent deal with this - my perspective on LayOut is historical-only, as I’m working on other things these days.

Darn, just ruined a big piece of work too, by renaming all my scenes for better organization… now it’s worse.
Thanks, i’ll spend the rest of the night fixing…

I had this reverting to last saved occasionally before, and always wondered how that happened.
Now i know…

The camera view in layout might still be saved, so as long as you relink the scene one by one it should rebuild your sheet.

Good luck-- Trimble needs to fix this.

OK, some more discussions around the Espresso maker: there is a C API example for LayOut (back in 2015 time frame) here The ABC's of LayOut - API Extension - SketchUp Blog that gives an example for “Create LayOut File”. I’m not sure this has been updated for 2017, but it works with 2016 (I tried it).

I’m curious if any developers have done anything with this example?

I built it in Xcode for v17 last week, toy with taking it further at some point…


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Yea, I’ll buy a beer or two for the first person to write the “change scene names” to help with this issue until we change the code to handle it. Hey, having worked on LayOut v1.0, I’m just happy we we have a lot more users these days.