Bug in color and texturemenu

Again same bug. Busy finalising a large kitchen. Several hours no problem, until i want to choose texture. Click on brick. Splat.
After which skp refuses to start again. The stop-error popup for apple is there every time, bugslpat never comes.
Only solution; reinstall and delete plists etc. And get the frustration out of me.

Hoeveel accounts heb je op die mac?

Single account. Zelfs geen gast. Catalina.

I don’t see any bugsplats from you since March 19th. At that time you were running SketchUp in a quarantine folder. Did I tell you how to fix that?

Can you send in a new bugsplat?

Hi colin, did not send them in. Same thing over again. Aftervthis the bugsplat does not start at all, until after reinstall. Bit fed up with the repetition. I’ll reinstall tomorrow, to the apps folder where it belongs.
Am singleuser on this 2015 mbp, 16gb, 1tbssd.