Bug: Can't logout of the 3D Warehouse

Using Firefox, when I select the “Sign Out” option on the 3D Warehouse, it goes through the sign out animation then dumps my right back on the home page still logged on.

Mac or PC? What happens if you logout via extension warehouse or the
SketchUp logout (lower left bar in modeling window)?

I’m using Firefox on PC. SketchUp is not open at the time. SO I opened SketchUp and logged out, which did work. Still can’t logout from Firefox.

Could it be my uBlock Origin Firefox add-in? I just disabled uBlock but it didn’t make a difference.

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Yea, that sounds sketch. The way we test Firefox is File->New Private Window or in Chrome Incognito mode. That loads your browser without cookies and state of your browser.

When I try to log into 3D Warehouse the first thing that pops up is a popup that lists the following: Name: http_400_webOC
Type: Unknown File Type
From: 3dwarehouse.com
Then offers to find a application with which to open or to save the file. Of course the file does not open with any regular app as it does not list an extension.

This happens even after I did a complete unininstall, reboot, full install, and reboot. At a point if offered an email file with whom I might want to explore the problem: t****@sketchup.com. After this. The 3D Warehouse refuses to respond as it was programmed to respond, or… is this an insect? bug? … One thing for sure I’m glad that as ousider I don’t depend on this to make my living… Still I’d like to enjoy this program and do stuff. Anyone? … Oh, if I open the 3D Warehouse from IE or Edge it opens OK!!! Go figure… , Please advise… Any one?

I’ve gotten this before on PC, and you should make sure IE is up to date. You can also clear your account by removing YOUR_HOME_DIRECTORY\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2016\SketchUp\cookiejar.xml and then restart SketchUp and retry logging in.

Hi Barry, thanks. Of course you meant to have me remove the file: cookiejar.xml, not the directory itself, right? :wink:

Yes. Only cookiejar.xml