No option to logout of the Extension Warehouse

I’m on my home computer and I signed in to the Extension Warehouse using my work login/password for Sketchup and now there’s no logout option in the dropdown menu. How do I log out of the Extension Warehouse??? I’ve looked online, and in this forum but did not see anything that relates to the issue I’m having.


Do you mean in a browser or from within Sketchup?
Browser is usually top right.
Sketchup usually bottom left.

Thanks for the quick reply!

I’m talking about within Sketchup. If I hover over my name in the top right I have three options: My Extensions, Developer Center, and My Account. Bottom left is the Trimble logo which takes me to their website.

If I click My Account there’s options for a bunch of settings but no option to logout.

This is odd because I recall there being an option in the pull down menu to logout. Maybe it was in an older version of Sketchup.

Hover over the “figure” icon at the lower left next to the word select. That should bring up a dialog to sign in or out as the case may be.

Thanks RLGL. I’ve been using Sketchup daily for seven years and this little hiccup is making me feel like a noob. Attached is a screenshot of my Extension Warehouse window. I don’t see a “figure” icon or the word ‘select’.

What am I missing?


The figure icon is at the lower left corner of the SketchUp window, not the Extension Warehouse window.

This is in the main Sketchup window not the EW

Ahhhhhh… thanks!!

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