Logout (3D Warehouse) Button missing

Hi there, can anyone tell me why my logout button is missing from 3D warehouse? This happened on my old Sketchup (2019) as well. Please see attached imaged. Thanks!!

Also missing from my page also …

wait, are you supposed to log out in the 3Dwarehouse window ? I don’t think you are, since logging out would also log you out of your licence, and close any open file.

pretty sure it’s normal. to log out go to the help menu. or the start screen :slight_smile:

Strange, I just checked it out now and I could sign out. Are you accessing it from within SketchUp itself or on a browser?
In App:

In Browser:

Lynne, you’re still using SketchUp Make (for your business). The 3D Warehouse doesn’t support Make and hasn’t for several years.

Oh found it by accident . . You people have moved the button to a New SPOT . . DOWN ALONG THE EDGE OF THE DROP DOWN MENU ! ! An still the tiny person Icon . . So I am good for now . . Will take a picture and add it for you to use . .

I didn’t move it anywhere.

We don’t need your picture.