Bounding Edges of a Surface

I’m working out quantities on a draft option for Civil Engineering hard landscaping around retaining walls. I was given a rough concept CAD which I imported into sketchup. I’ve been creating Retaining Wall surfaces from the imported CAD model. Once this surface has been made I’ve been trying to extract the perimeter edges of the surface to use for creating more adjoining surfaces.
Is there a way of extracting the perimeter edges of a surface?

Double click on the surface (selecting the surface and it’s edges), then SHIFT-Click on the surface again (removing the surface from the selection, but leaving the edges). Copy to the clipboard, then paste where you need it.

Be sure to be aware of your drawing context! Your geometry should probably be in a group or component (and you should be in the edit context of the group or component when you follow the first bits of my advice) then exit the group or component before you paste you copy. That way, it will be in a different context and won’t immediately interact with what’s around it!


AWESOME Steven, you’ve made my day!

Sound advice and I’d add that… once you have the outline grouped it is good to give it a name in the “outliner” so that it is easier to select going forward as the problem with coincident geometry is that it can be tricky to select one thing over another when they exist in the same spot. Then a click in the outliner will identify it and a double click will open it for editing/examination.

Quirky: Sometimes I’ve add a leader line (and put it on a separate layer) so it can be off when not needed as a way to get to buried geometry, but the outliner is the best approach.