Bought a plugin as a "foreign agent", it seems

Buying plugins does not work for me and so many different strange things happen.

I get forwarded to a web page and when clicking “Buy” I get the old interface that just times out. I try again and get a different interface but this requires my Country to have a State. There´s no distinct states within Norway, it’s just one country. So obviously there’s no good response to this.

I then just for testing say that I am from the state of Alabama within Afghanistan. :slight_smile: I get a message saying the purchase could not go through (obviously).

But now there´s a receipt in my mail saying I bought it and paid for the plugin as a citizen of Kabul… Hah.

I report it on the technical support web page, but get no confirmation that I have send in the error report. Maybe I have, but maybe not. So, a LOT of things going on here, but no plugin to download, and (maybe), no way to report it. @colin

Maybe I´m just imagining that there´s an actual real world beyond the small island I´m currently on.

I don’t know about the buying issues, but if you happened to be testing with FlatText, I could see a problem in your account with that extension. Try removing that one, and add it again.

thanks, I removed it, and reinstalled, and now it does not anymore state that there´s a problem with the license.

I assume you come to a confirmation page after reporting an issue in the customer center, so to confirm it has been delivered? That didn’t happen, so maybe all the buying problems and the reporting are about some browser issue, it would be strange for all this to happen at once…

maybe you could just activate this plugin as bought , as I did get the receipt… :slight_smile:

My accountant is surely not going to be happy about this Kabul thing.

That shows up in your account, and should install ok. I did see that you had used the trial version as well, I removed that in case it was clashing for some reason.

It really looks like if you remove the extension and add it again, the license should work.

thanks, I did that now, and now it says “install” in the warehouse, and that worked

One more account thing.
I try to log in with Google, one of the three buttons together with the “Apple” button and the “Microsoft” button. But it seems that takes me to an old account that does not contain my subscription.

so can that thing just be deleted, so I get One-Button log-in to my active account?

No, those buttons are always there for everyone. Your email has the subscription, your email still has a Free entitlement. You need to resist the temptation to sign in with Google or Microsoft.

So in princible, as i have the adress registered to my account, i could then log in With Apple ?

you’re looking for trouble on that one :smiley:

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I still need to open Su23 to export dwg with tag colors intact, and i get asked quite a lot for login going back and forth.

Yes, but you would want to make sure not to use the hide my email option. In the end all that matters is the email address that is being used, and whether you sign in with Trimble or Apple it won’t matter. emails happen to be valid Google email addresses, and as my work email is also my Apple ID, I can sign in with any of the three ways. I do have a Microsoft email as well, but that’s a hotmail address, and so would not connect me to my subscriptions.