Extension purchased but not being assigned

I purchased the LSS Panorama extension earlier today, although there seems to have been some problem with the process after I entered the OTP from my bank.

I’ve downloaded the extension, currently running in trial mode, but I’d appreciate it if someone could look into the backend to see if the transaction actually went through, from my end it seems like it did.

OK, so I checked my CC account and it seems as though the transaction didn’t go through from what I can tell, although there is an amount on hold but this could be any number of purchases.

I tried to purchase the extension again, but failed again. After completing the first step info and going to the second, the pop-up window turns the grey/beige without any further details on it, it doesn’t actually go to the second step.

@kirill200777 I hope you take note of this, any other issues with the extension store sales lately?

Hello Julian,
Thanks for letting know about this problem. I’ll contact the Extension Warehouse support team in order to figure out the reason for this problem. I hope it will be fixed as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Also just in order to make sure that the problem is on the Extension Warehouse side you may try to sign out, then sign in back and check if it helps (it is a standard recommendation, which sometimes helps to solve similar issues). Some other standard recommendations, which should help in case if an “Error processing transaction” message appeared (it is not exactly your case, but you may also try them out to see if it helps).

Finally you may try to contact a customer support https://help.sketchup.com/en/contact-support/sales-question/form

Thanks for the help. I tried logging out and back in, that didn’t work. I had to go out, so shut down the machine, fired it up again this evening and tried again, success this time. Be it that for a moment after step one it looked like it was going to fail again, left the window for a couple of minutes then it was fine.

Great to know it went well somehow.
Note that there is also (unfortunately a popular) question (according to the customer support auto-answer assistant): “I was billed twice (or multiple times) for my single purchase!”. And the customer service admits that this particular problem usually on their end. So make sure that it is not your case and feel free to reach out to Customer Service to get this duplication settled (if any).

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