Extension Warehouse webshop trouble


I’m trying to purchase an extension, as I have done in the past, with my credit card, the same one as I’ve used in the past.

Except the webshop is not accepting the card number. I thought that maybe it is because the card expires at the end of this month, so I tried my new card, this too gets rejected. Card number invalid in both cases.

Is the webshop fully operational or is it experiencing trouble?


A user who tried to purchase one of my extensions had the same problems earlier today. Could be something broken in the Warehouse.

In fact I haven’t had a single sale today so it’s not unlikely the warehouse is broken.

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@ChrisFullmer @tt_su @TheOnlyAaron
I’m still having the same trouble. Any feedback?


@jon do you know the current status of the Extension Warehouse?


Btw, the contact page really should have an option for extension licenses. Even as an extension developer myself I don’t know how I can help users with licensing issues.


I just looked at my sales and there has been one today. Not a single one yesterday or the day before that though. Sales do fluctuate a lot (usually hardly any sales on weekends for instance) but two days without any sales could indicate a problem in the warehouse.


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Hi guys, I’m STILL having trouble buying extensions, with a new credit card this time.



I’ve been contacted by 3-4 people across the world who’ve had their cards declined. I hasn’t happened for some week now though so I though the error had been fixed.

Does the shop say your card number is invalid?


Exactly that yes, however I know the card is fine as I bought some goods
with it omline last week, paid my SU $120 maintenace and Skalp 3 upgrade
with it this week. So it is clearly an EW webshop problem.


Sounds exactly like what the other users experienced. Do you have any special characters (é, å, ä, ö etc) in your name and/or address?


No special characters no.


I forwarded this thread internally last Friday. Someone will be looking into it.


Thank you, appreciated.


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