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It may seem obvious to some but it certainly is not for others
Win a +1 to guess which program I used to get to that image:


Autodesk SketchBook, Photoshop, or Gimp?


no :grinning:


SketchFX plugin?


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Did you make it in SketchUp with a watermark and scenes?


Almost there! Besides SketchUp (of course!), what is the other program?






Internet Explorer? Some websites have photo editing tools.


No :grin:


no :grinning:


It is like I said: It may seem obvious to some but it certainly is not for others.


Maybe you could post screenshots to show the steps you went through. How you set up the scenes in SU, and then how you arranged the viewports in LayOut.

I’d be interested in seeing the way you went about it and I’m sure others would too. Very nice effect you’ve created there.


Here it is:

Back viewport: raster
Above viewport: vector


That’s a very clever overlay watermark. If it hadn’t been for that I think the others would have guessed it easier.

So you have two scenes in SU, one with lines only style and one with textures and watermark overlay.

You have two viewports in LO stacked on top of each other. The viewport with the lines only scene on a layer higher up the stack than the viewport than the texture/watermark scene.

I thought it might be something like that, but I couldn’t figure the watermark part.


Yes, and no. You do not need to have two scenes properly, you can have the styles previously stored in your local style folder and apply the styles directly over the viewports in LayOut to the “single scene” you have in LayOut (called “Last aved SketchUp View”)

Yes :beers::beers:

I always saw people coming to similar results here in the community, but always using various programs, photoshop, etc, etc, etc. I just use Sketchup and LayOut, that’s all. So I had to create my own way.


The official SketchUp web site has similar looking illustration styles, so I was wondering if it was all native. I never played with watermarks because of the obvious uses for it, but there are a lot more uses than just your copyright or company logo.


I have to say, I’m not a fan of using “the last saved SketchUp view” or modifying scenes in LO as any changes to the model can have a nasty impact on the viewports in LO. I suppose it’s ok for “quick one off” things but non modified pure SketchUp scenes are pretty fail safe for everything. (DaveR beat that into me when I asked for his advice some time ago).

As for the image you use in the watermark, did you create it yourself or obtain it from a website maybe?


Yes, you´re right.

I create by myself