Adding a different watermark for a different scene?



I’m looking to see how I can add a different watermark to different scenes. As far as I know, it looks like you can add as many watermarks as possible, but to me, it looks like it’s display none or display all as opposed to selecting a specific one for a specific scene.

Ultimately, I’m looking to create a slideshow presentation within Sketchup using scenes where there is a static image (in my case, image of bullet points) in each of the different scene (ie. slide).

The presenter in 2016’s Basecamp’s “Interior Design Advanced Techniques” used this method of using Sketchup as his PowerPoint. He has a small blurb about it at the end but doens’t go into too much detail.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!


You need a different style for each watermark image you want to use. You can make as many different styles as you need. Do you know how to create new styles?


Ahh - that makes sense. I just tried it now and it works.

Thank you @DaveR!