Feature request -Global Watermark

It would be really cool to have the ability to add a watermark across all styles and scenes.
You finish your presentation, and want to watermark it, as it is now, you have to add the watermark to each style.
I often have to create different styles in the same file to convey different types of information.

It would be a huge timesaver to be able to add my logo or my clients logo to all scenes across the board all at once in one spot.

It would also be nice to be able to turn it off in layout since most people have a template or title block that already has their logo on it.

So instead of calling it a watermark option maybe call it a logo option, so it doesn’t already get confused with the current watermark feature.

Click add logo, click position and scale, click done. its added to all scenes and styles.
have a button to toggle it on and off in skp
have a button to toggle it on and off in layout

Thank you

Have you tried mixing different elements of styles?
You can easily make a style with the proper watermark, open the styles panel, choose mix and then drag the watermark setting on it.

Thanks Mike,
I have never been able to figure out how to make the mix function work. How do you sample and drag?

Even so you still have to manage all the styles, if you want to turn them on and off to create different scenes in layout, and not have your watermark show up. A global option would be slick

When you click on the Mix tab a panel will open showing existing styles. Select the style and drag it to the property you want. So if you want to copy just the watermark properties, drag it to Watermark.

How many styles do you normally have? And how many different watermarks would you add to these styles?

ahh I get it, you have to drag the style onto the watermark setting not the watermark setting onto the style.

I usually have 3 main styles, a texture to indicate material/grain direction, a monochromatic so the measurements reads well, and show back edges to show assemblies, and usually only one watermark. Mine or my clients logo.

Presentation is everything when it comes to winning jobs, A global setting would make it easier to manage workflow between layout and SKP.

I realize that most people would just send their PDF of layout. Which is what I do for clients I am going to build the thing for.
But I also have an educational side to my business where the student gets access to the skp model so they can manipulate it is and enhance their learning as well as a PDF guild I make in layout. That is when this becomes a pain because the watermark shows up in layout. So now instead of 3 styles I have 6 styles so I have a version minus the watermark.

I am sure if this feature existed other users would find a use case for it as well, especially if they do presentations and such.

This feature almost exists, in the free web version of SKP if you load an existing model to the web with different styles, then download it again all styles now have the SKP logo add globally. So it almost there, just the wrong logo, and no ability to toggle or edit placement and size. LOL


Ideas come to mind but I guess they’d hijack the thread away from the feature request.

I’d totally be interested in hearing them, you are right about distracting from the feature requests.
Every feature request on the forum has a few work around suggestions posted. Their is always a workaround and since so few feature request are implemented it sometimes feels like the developers see the workaround and think hey that works and decides not to implement the request. Even though a direct solution would be super slick and make SKP/Layout even more pleasurable to use, in the daily grind.

I always hope someday one of them will grab a few of the low hanging fruit and bring them into reality.

In general, we ‘learn to live with the limitations of software’.
If the ‘mix’ function could be applied on multiple styles, you are all set. Good FR.

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Yeah, I’d say Adobe, has set the bar for expectations pretty high, every update moves the bar of what is possible up 10x.