Bluish exterior environment

May I know if why are the objects outside of the structure are all bluish (ex. the white picket fence). It seems like the setting is around 5:00 am?

That happens naturally in real world photography. The color of daylight is 5,500°K or more while typical incandescent lights are around 3,000°k ±. Sometimes you can deal with it in post processing like Photoshop. You could make the interior light sources daylight in color and then color balance the whole image to that. You might also want the rendering to look like this because photos will look like that anyway.

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Again, I’m not a master of V-Ray, but I think this is where you set color temperature for a light source, in this case daylight which is set at 6,500°Kelvin by default.

You could set daylight to be the color of incandescent and color balance the whole thing to that.

I’ve just tried it but this is still what I got.

Turn off these layers you added and see how the rendering appears. If it’s still not what you want, then look at the settings for the lights in the scene, the materials and the rendering settings.

Thank you so much. It’s working now. I just adjusted the sunlight.