How to get a photorealistic photo with V-Ray

Hi, I did everything what I should with setting according tutorials, but still I didnt get a photorealistic results with a noise. Could someone help me with settings? thank

SketchUp doesn’t do photorealistic rendering by itself. You need a rendering plugin or a standalone rendering application. Is your question related to these, in this case, which one are you using? Usually the key to good renderings is the mastering of materials and lighting.

I am using V ray.

I moved your post to the correct category. You should have indicated V-ray in your original post, too.

It looks fairly realistic to me considering what you have for light. In order to show the interior as you have, you’ve had to set the exposure to burn out the window and the visible lights. As for getting a better image, think like a professional photographer. You need to control the lights properly. The under-cabinet lights are too bright and the ceiling lights aren’t enough to properly light the space. Add some light and adjust exposure to prevent the visible lights and the window from blowing out.


You can see a lot of noise in photo. I used a photoshop as well, but It didnt help.

The noise mainly comes from the lghting and exposure you’ve chosen to use.

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What is better to adjust sunlight more or add other lights instead?

The sun is outside, right? Making the light coming through the window brighter won’t help. You need to add more light inside. Behind the camera and above but not visible in the scene.

Look around you and really pay attention to the light in the room. Take some photos of a similar space with your phone. If the light outside is brighter than inside, everything inside will be dark. To make the interior light you have to increase the exposure/gain which burns out the highlights and makes the darker areas grainy.

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Did you turn on the Denoiser? Did you let V-ray run until finished?

yes, I turn on denoiser

I am not quite sure about V-ray, but I wonder about the white material in your model. If it is fully white (255,255,255), it might make sense to make it a bit darker. Full white doesn’t exist in nature and some renderers don’t like it. Or add a white texture to it.

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I edited the topic title to include V-Ray. I hope you don’t mind, @a.hlavatova .


It’s not just the lighting, not even the white (255,255,255) In winter and snow you can’t make it darker either. (see in gallery D5 Render)
It is the central perspective, the texture quality, specular, normal map, roughness etc. missing accessories. IES light.
You draw everything as a surface. For example, the spaces between the doors and drawers were missing. Floor and kitchen floor and wall all with almost the same wood no tension.

I’ll give you a tip, see in the forum (gallery) for example Enscape, D5 Render, Lumion Vray etc. You can find many kitchens in the layout or you edit in Photoshop, Affinity or Luminar AI.

See the example without a lot of light can make nice render.

(Copy of Enscape Forum)

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I added a ies lights as well, but still it is not what I want.

The realistic effect doesn’t just come from the light, either. Often it is only small things in the model, but they have a lot of effect in terms of realism, here for example:

  • Very sharp edges look unrealistic, because they never exist in reality (bevel!):

  • adjoining cabinet doors have no gap, this also looks unrealistic (real doors probably even have a slightly crooked and uneven gap):

  • wrongly oriented textures jump at least subconsciously directly into the eye and seem false:

  • Plain white without any reflection, texture or imperfection looks too simple, unrealistic and boring to the eye

  • A countertop would probably protrude a few centimeters in reality and cast a shadow, which then also looks more realistic

If too much noise remains in a finished image, it often comes from very different brightness light sources, the darker one is then not enough to be calculated reasonably and it only contributes a very noisy part to the final result.


Hi a.lavativa

Thanks Cotty (I was just about to reply)

Sorry, just changing the light you will certainly not be able to say wow.

I am sending you copies with white kitchens at d5. Look how you can represent a kitchen.

The renderings being shared here are amazing, wow great work.