Blue screen of death ! PC crash

hi guys
although ive been using sketchup for years now im suddenly having trouble with the blue screen of death!!
it only happens when i am using skethup and obviously just when ive been creating for ages without thinking to save my work!

the stop code i get is: MULTIPLE_IRP_COMPLETE_REQUESTS

I have been through all the graphic card updates and checked that they are up to date.
Can anyone help me out before I throw the pc out the window?
(PS i am a landscaper , so not the most pc literate person, so please be kind!)

Are you using LogMeIn ?

What version of Windows (your forum profile does not say.)

Hi Dan, i dont use logmein at all

hi dan

im using windows 10 Home

hi all
One other thing Ive noticed is that the shadows are now not being displayed propoerly either?

(1) Verify you running Nvidia GeForce driver version 342.01 or later …

You can check via SketchUp’s Window > Preferences > OpenGL > Details dialog.
(When the dialog is displayed and has focus Alt+PrintScreen will save an image to memory,
then switch to a forum post/edit form and ALT+V will paste as a PNG image.)

(2) Download and run SketchUp Checkup …

… then post the .sulog archive file to the original post.

What version of windoze do you have?

Check out this page PAGE and try the handy tool provided. The article is an explanation of what is happening with system files. There may be a $$ to complete the repair. Also there may be other sources this is not from Microsoft.

This THREAD is from a windoze Forum.

He said …

hi dan, done both of those and all seems ok

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