Blue screen on laptop after closing SketchUp Make


Every time I close SketchUp make on Windows XP, I get the blue screen about atiok3x2.dll
Stop: 0x00000050 (0XE2F47F6E, 0x00000000, OxBF193275, Ox00000001 )
atiok3x2.dll - ADDRESS BF193275 base at BF182000 , This happens everytime I close SketchUP.
Reboot and every thing is fine!


The MS crash dump analysis history they report a large percentage of blue screens are caused by 3rd party drivers. Usually there is a pop up screen giving you some guidance. The data they capture is binary so you have to download an app to read it. Since they stopped XP support getting it from them may be ???
If I was you do a global wild card search for that file as (wc)atiok3x2.(wc)If found change name to say oldatiok3x2.dll, load new and see if that helps. Check the xp cab file may help also it will probably have orginal.
Note (wc) wild card symbol, will not show here


You have an ATI graphics card? Try updating to the latest driver from the AMD/ATI website.

If you still have issues, try turning off hardware acceleration.
Window > Preferences > OpenGL