Blue outlines for component extends out beyond actual component size

See screenshot here.

The baseboard selected used to extend out to where the blue outline is. But then I used the push/pull tool to push it to the size it is now. But there’s still that blue outline. No where else in my design is this happening.

That base plate was also formerly a component (along with the top plate) but I made the top plate and the base plate unique.

This is part of a group (the entire wall). Also, are all of those dotted lines extending into infinity normal? They only extend out from certain components, and I can’t make sense of why they come out from some components but not others.

Probably some hidden geometry left behind. Turn on Hidden Geometry, open the component for editing and drag a left to right selection box around that end. Then hit delete.

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Wonderful, that fixed the blue outline extending too far! Thanks!

I still have the dotted lines to infinity though.

Delete all guides in the same panel.

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What makes a guide extend from one component but not another? E.g. in my example, why aren’t there guides going from the bottoms of the studs? And why aren’t they extending out along the top/bottom plates? (Except on the bottom plate, but why only on the left side of the bottom plate?)

It depends on where you put the guides. That was done with the Tape Measure tool.

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Ah, didn’t realize that they were guides that I had put there! :man_facepalming: Thanks!

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Infinite guides result from pulling the Tape Measure tool from an edge or midpoint.

Finite guides and endpoints --------+ result from pulling the Tape Measure tool from an endpoint or intersection.

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