Blue dots on selected face not visible


I am using Sketchup Pro 2016 at work. I am new here and it is the first time I open the software at the office. When I select a face it does not highlight with those little blue dots like it should. Instead, nothing happens…

I know that the face is selected since I can delete it after clicking on it.

The stranger part is that lines will turn blue once selected.

Has anyone experienced this, and know how to fix it?


That is a group you are selecting. If you double click into the group or explode the group you can select the face.

At first I thought that too. but even if I simply draw a square, it still wont show the highlight

Can you share the model or a screenshot?

Ah never mind, I figured it out… I should have listened to the first thing every IT person would ask… “have you turned it off and back on again?”

After rebooting my pc it works just fine now

Thats embarrassing… thanks anyways!

I wonder if SketchUp Pro 2016 was installed correctly or not? On Windows it’s important when installing to right-click on the installer EXE (not the final, installed SketchUp EXE) and choose “Run as Administrator” so that the installation steps are performed as intended. Just a thought.

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