Blocks aren't showing faces in one drawing - fine in another

I have a block that I pasted from another project. It’s not showing the faces in the new project though. Does anyone know what to do here?

It looks like this in my other project:

Share the .skp file so we can see exactly how you have the model set up.

I’d guess it’s due to incorrect tag usage.

You know what, you’re correct. I don’t know why this happens. Thank you

Did you explode the component at some point?

It would probably be wise to go through your models and make sure all edges and faces are untagged as they are supposed to be and make sure Untagged is active.

By the way, your profile indicates you are using Sketchup 2021 Free (web). Is that really true?

I didn’t explode the component, I have been working in untagged this whole time. I don’t even know. No, I’m working in Sketchup Pro! 2022

Well, share the .skp file and I’ll take a look to see what I can find.

Please update your forum profile.

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