Blending two surfaces together for smooth look

I am trying to blend two surfaces together to achieve a smooth continuous look.

The drawing below is of a mesh that I have smoothed out with the standard soften edges tool in sketch up, I then drew the top of the mesh and rounded it off and used the sandbox tool to fill the mesh.

I would like to join and blend the two together so that they are one surface that is smooth.

See below pics:

Hello, have you tried the curviloft plugin ?

Put all terrain geometry in the same group and after that “smooth” and “soft” edges, something like in this gif animation:

Use the Eraser tool with the Alt or Option key held down to soften edges.

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Thank you for your help, smooth and soft edges worked well.

Most likely some sort of unwanted typo, (isn’t a typo always unwanted?)

Using the Eraser tool with [Alt] held down deletes the edge and both adjacent faces.
Only with [Ctrl] this works as expected.

That’s the way it works on the Mac. The Eraser tool while holding Alt (option ⌥) softens/smooths edges.

@TheOnlyAaron, it seems that I need to buy me an Apple to get things 100% right.
The [ALT] + [Eraser] indeed does apply to Apple to smooth edges (as I’ve been told now by two people). In the Windows version (OP’s operating system) it just erases the edge.

CTRL + Eraser? Did I say the wrong modifier key?
It should be listed at the bottom of the screen while the Eraser is active.

You seem to have said it right for Apple’s OS. Hence my ‘oops’