How do I join these 3 curved lines to create a smoothed edge?



I have tried with Curviloft but it does not create the polygons equally, 1 corner always dominates and it gives it a linear look. Is it possible with a better plugin or with default tools? Thanks.


Sure, I’m also going to try just putting a sphere inside, see what that looks like.
1.skp (49.0 KB)


That could work, to be honest I prefer uniformity and accuracy over smoothness that Curviloft provides. Thanks, I’m going to do it to my own model now.


Would re-making it from scratch work? Maybe push-pull an arc from the top down, then follow-me an arc around the top edge?


Could you demonstrate? I don’t know exactly how to do what you’re saying, sorry.


I’m not sure how but I just moved the corner on 2 axis, is it possible to move the corner on all 3? Then it should give the result I want.


The effect I’m looking for is the same thing Curviloft can do, but with Curviloft 1 of the corners dominates so the polygons are not uniformed the same way that your triangle polygons were. I am essentially looking for uniformity. So the polygon in the centre must have 3 sides all the same length. I think it might be possible with arcs on an angle but I don’t know.



If you just want a round corner:

  1. Make an arc at the top:

  2. Then Push-pull it down all the way:

  3. Make the same arc around the back side:

  4. Then preselect the top edge using shift with the select tool:

Then go to Tools: click "Follow Me"
Then click on the small corner surface created by the new arc.

Then use Eraser plus either Option for Mac or Control for PC to soften-smooth out the corner.

Is that the result you’re looking for?


Yes and thank you for the detailed explanation! :heart_eyes:


Let me know how that works out for you. I skipped a few pictures to be concise.


It worked but I checked and the polygons are not the way I want it, that’s fine though. I doubt any client 1 day will actually care. Thank you both for your help, this short thread has actually helped me learn a few things.


The trouble with not knowing what we don’t know is not knowing precisely how to ask for it. We all do that, it’s part of the process.


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