Help Connecting surfaces


I wasn’t sure where to post this question: I have a solid group comprised of a complex-curved model with that has edge lines connecting “slices” of the surface together. I’ve uploaded a picture to give a better idea. In essence, I want to eliminate all the lines and just have 5 smooth surfaces: top, bottom, front, and sides (there is no back because the sides come to a point). How can I accomplish this? Thanks!!

Use the eraser whilst holding down shift is the quickest way

You could try selecting all with a bounding box, then right click and use soften/smooth edges.


That will hide the edges, but it will leave shading of the faces faceted. Smoothing the edges will make the shading of the faces blend with the adjacent faces - which you can do using Eraser and holding down Ctrl. To smooth the whole mesh, select it and Right Click > Soften/Smooth Edges.

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thanks Thomas’ will do that

Click … Window > Soften Edges
Often there are operations made easier by working with a surface vs. individual faces.
To that end, experienced modelers tend to keep the Soften Edges dialog in their stack of open dialogs.