How do I create a smooth shape when curves are in opposite directions


I am new to sketch - so forgive if this is really simple

I have this shape, hopefully it can be seen below.

if not, its a box, with either side having a diagonal which goes into a left handed cure, another diagonal followed by a right handed curve. I created it using line tools, then used push / pull to get a box. The problem is, where there is a change in line segment for the curves there is a corresponding line across the box, and I need this to be line free.

I have tried follow me, sandbox - from edges and soap bubble.
thanks, Karen

Apply the ‘Eraser’ tool on these lines (edges) while holding down [CTRL]

With holding down [Shift] you will only hide them.
With just the ‘Eraser’ tool, (no key down) you erase them.

SketchUp uses segments to represent curves, it has no true curves. But it creates the illusion of smooth surfaces by softening and smoothing the edges between adjacent faces. If you turn on hidden geometry in the view menu, you will see dashed lines running across the seemingly smooth surfaces. You can blend the portions together by softening and smoothing the edges that separate them. Do this using the eraser tool while holding down control (option on mac) and dragging the cursor across the edges. Alternatively, you can select an edge and check the soften and smooth boxes in the entity info window.

Edit: for your learning:

  • “soft” means the faces adjacent to the edge are considered to be parts of a single surface
  • “smooth” means that the shading of the faces will be gradual across the edge, making the surface look smooth. When this option is off, the shading will show a sharp change at the edge even though the edge itself will not be visible.

Thank-you so much
I had tried erase, but not with the alt key.

Take a look at this:
Good luck!