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Hi again, tested Eevee and yes, apparently the problem was with my old laptop. It works fine on current hardware. I’m still yet to try 3ds exports tho I can’t emphasize enough how well Blender works with SU in general.

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Guys i need help

Screenshot 2021-06-25 192024
at something… listen, I was designing a window and i pushed the inner face to make a cutout… i gave it material and all but when i took that window to blender in OBJ format. Blender just rejected the cutout and it showed that there was no whole in it in render. what is this problem, anyone else faced it ? I exported using thom thom quadface tools obj exporter.

Were the faces reversed?

No. I made sure that all faces were white

Did You save the file in SketchUp before import to Blender? What format did you use to import it? Please post your SketchUp file so someone else can examine it.

I am uploading everything with this reply

This is what I designed in Sketchup

This is in blender as a OBJ file after I saved my SketchUp file, ensured all faces are correct and everything.

This is in blender as a COLLADA file, i tried exporting in dae out of curiosity but Collada file doesn’t work very good with textures in blender. I can’t use collada, I wanted to use OBJ file

Please try for yourself
SketchUp file -
window.skp (145.3 KB)

Collada file -
window.dae (10.5 KB)

i cant upload OBJ file cause it’s not authorised here

This may sound unorthodox but try rendering the seemingly faulty .obj import and see if the result is messed up too. Sometimes some hardware can give off messy results on imports but they look as they’re supposed to on final renders. You’ve got nothing to lose no?

already tried rendering this faulty OBJ file… render came out as this only no change… i am sure there’s some problem in exporter.

Why don’t you export directly off of SU instead of using a tool though?

If you want to learn a way how to repair that imported object in Blender


Otherwise, you can use the TIG - OBJ Exporter plugin and the OBJ model exported from SketchUp will look ok after you import it into Blender

Again, I have no difficulty with the 3DS format (by unchecking options and adjusting the scale when importing into Blender). I will test the OBJ format …

Have you seen this free plugin, which is based on the modifiers it seems to automate?

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