Blender Capable

Hope you techie’s can help please? My daughter is in her last year of school heading in an art design direction. (lucky her, I chose engineering!)
She watered her laptop so it would grow into one that does blender!!
So I’m looking at this replacement, but the advice I’ve found is " capable of running blender, but you might experience some limitations"
Bearing in mind she’s still at school and all she really needs is an introduction to blender, would this machine not be too restrictive?
thanks techie’s

Lenovo ThinkPad L480 – i5 8th CPU QC, 16GB Ram, 128GB SSD, Windows 11 Pro

CPU Intel i5 8250u Quad Core @ 1.6 – 3.4GHz

Core / Thread 4c / 8t

GPU Intel HD Graphics 620


Storage 128GB SSD

the ideal for a computer to work well is to have a good processor specialized in work, therefore always opt for intel, my minimum recommendation would be 16gb of ram ddr4 or ddr5 and a processor above the 10th generation.
the pc you mention will bring a lot of stress as it is at the minimum currently allowed, regarding the video card is not so necessary if you are not going to devote to render, there are currently powerful rendering software without having to use video card.

thanks Lexxar, much appreciatedÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=2FN9GO2RIN8RR&dib=eyJ2IjoiMSJ9.pLODrGnzyisZESwJuJutKTNhzfBa530KEJx82-C793GL5jRnEOhudZZMUUhdWohh6lhYgbFS14Eey9BGh1ngZ9-ALN9ALuqKfwMKHcaR6V6XzmgMFRX6zOfO9SDOStjNyzffjE1gGCGguhsdo-ovP0hA5v8Jb1i-DGuRHDJHHU-ZDnloMDN3up6Kn7hg4j9C90wi9KSLAg9MMvaEXaei1q7iEypkxoWdydHsFC8HdvM.2ysr-u_-ayNnYr6AtRl8OX5XE2Vou5kSq1UQbX7lhDA&dib_tag=se&keywords=acer%2Bpredator&qid=1712107536&sprefix=acer%2Bpredator%2Caps%2C147&sr=8-10&th=1

I don’t know if it’s legal to publish but I used this model laptop 1 year ago and it’s a beauty, light and powerful for design and 3D modelling. maybe in your city you can get it at a better price. obviously it’s for you to see the model and the features

What is your budget? That laptop has an 8th gen intel cpu, the current generation is 14th. Also it depends what is she going to do in blender, if it’s just modeling that laptop might be fine, for rendering it could be better a laptop with an Nvidia gpu if it’s for animations a cpu with more cores and more powerful is the better option.

thanks for the help
she’s just looking to get started, so nothing too complex.
I’m going to go with the one i mentioned