Laptop powerful enough?

Hi , looking to buy a laptop as a gift for someone that runs sketchup smoothly and can handle 3d renderings.
would this sufice?
Thanks in advance

Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i Pro i7-12/16/512/2050

  • Intel® Core™ i7-12700H processor
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2050-grafik
  • 16 GB LPDDR5 RAM, 512 GB SSD

Yes, that is a powerful laptop, quite in the top tier. Note that by cramming enough 3D geometry in a model it is possible to bring any computer system to its knees. Depending on the intended intensity of use, more RAM (32 GB or more) might be useful. I manage with 16GB quite OK, but my models are small.

Thank you for your quick relpy Anssi!
Much appreciated , i was considering this aswell, any thoughts?
Thanks in advance and best regards.

Apple MacBook Pro 14"
M1 Pro / 8-Core CPU
16GB / 14-Core GPU / 512GB SSD

Ooh… Max vs PC is a deep and personal preference for a designer. You may want to ask about preference before you go either way. As for that Max, specifically, like the PC, I would recommend doubling the RAM if possible.

Thank you Aaron!
Really appreciate the help.
So both are good but both could use the extra ram bump?
Thank yo so much

If you can afford it, more ram is a good way to future-proof your computer, as apps seem to take more and more each year! This is especially important on Apple silicon (M1, M2) since it is impossible to add more ram later.

Thank you for your input!
Much appreciated!

Sorry to be asking all these questions, i really appreaciate the help.
Would this upgrade suffice in a Macbook pro?

Macbook pro 2021 / 2 TB SSD / M1 Pro / 32 GB / 14-Core GPU
Thanks again.

Mac/PC is otherwise a matter of preference, but the used render application can influence your options. Some don’t have a Mac version, and some can use your graphics card to speed up renders on a PC.

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Just my opinion. I run a M1 Max MacBook Pro 32Gb Ram 32 core GPU.
SketchUp doesn’t touch the sides in terms of processor / GPU, I run with large models both in terms of geometry and texture load and its great. Get at least 32Gb of RAM, some of this will be used for GPU memory so you will need that.

Rendering is another topic. I run TwinMotion, UE 5 and Vray and all run very well. However. I also have a PC just for rendering with Nvidia graphics in order to take advantage of some specific acceleration and features that are only available on Windows with Nvidia RTX and CUDA.
I do ALL of my design work, texture creation work, rendering and shot setup on my Mac (across SU, Adobe Substance Sampler, TM, VRay and UE) and pass to the PC for rendering to take advantage of Path Tracing, RTX/ CUDA etc. For rendering exclusively, currently the Windows platform offers far more options if you want to enable features like ray tracing and CUDA acceleration. If you are not bothered as TwinMotion and Enscape run well on MacOS.

I would also comment that a designers laptop hardware platform choice is a difficult one and quite personal, as @TheOnlyAaron quite rightly comments.


Thank you for all your help!
Greatly appreciated.