Laptop compatability

Hi I’m looking to buy this for someone to run Sketchup pro. anyone know if it will do?
Lenovo Ideapad 3 15.6" FHD Laptop - Intel Core i5 11th Gen - 12GB Memory - 256GB SSD with Intel Iris Xe Graphics. TIA

I would start by looking for something with a Nvidia graphics card. Integrated graphics are not ideal with SketchUp.


I just received a new Dell laptop with a Iris Xe, so will check how it’s performance in SketchUp turns out…maybe tomorrow, if not then in the next few days.

The Xe is much better than previous integrated GPUs, so I’m hopeful that It’ll run SketchUp pretty well. Maybe not as fast for the huge models or complex styles.

What I’m unsure about right now is whether or not the drivers for the GPU are as good and stable as Nvidia’s.


Thank you.

Here you go - sorry it took a bit longer than i thought…

You cant imagine how difficult it is for me to sit here with a brand new, unopene laptop on my desk for nearly 2 weeks and not get to play with it…been so busy! :smiley:

If you have bought that laptop during the last week or so (black friday etc) then …its good. Post back here when you’ve had a chance to use it more and let us know how it went.