Sketchup performance on Intel Iris Xe G7 80 (Galaxy Book 3 360)

Hello guys, I’m looking for a notebook and i found a Galaxy Book 3 360, i7 1360p and an Intel Iris Xe, I’ve made some research on internet about this Iris Xe performance on SU, but I didn’t find anything, can anyone help me? I looked for other models too, but here where i live is ridiculously hard to find some good notebooks for an attractive price, can anyone help me? I have an Acer Aspire 5 with an AMD Vega 8, and I made a small project on SU and works fine, but I’m afraid about the Iris because I never find anything about it.

The cpu performance is good but it has integrated graphics, you may experience lag on the viewport if you work with big or high poly models. It’s better to get something with a discrete gpu.

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Usually integrated Intel graphics are no match for discrete Nvidia (my preference) or AMD graphics cards. What you suggest would possibly still be an upgrade to what you currently have.

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Iris XEare more powerful than the older intel integrated ones , considerably so.- the main issue is usually machines fitted with them are cheaper and are short on Memory and the Intel Iris GPU shares it with the system memory.
You have a relatively low resolution screen, so I’m sure the Iris will manage just fine for small SketchUp models.

Make sure you have 16GB of memory and you should have enough overhead for the OS , a few browser tabs and SketchUp itself

This model comes with 16GB of memory and a FullHD screen, what do you think? I know that are better models, but the Galaxy Ecosystem would be particularly good for me.

It might be worth investigating which pieces of software you need from Samsung.
Phonelink and Samsung Pass can be installed on any windows 11 machines

The form factor and price range is also difficult. All I found had integrated gpu-s. At 15" you would have more choice of “gaming” laptops with discrete graphics.

The Intel Iris ones are actually pretty good for an integrated one, about the same for 3D performance as the Apple GPUs if I recall.
You could play a modern videogame on one of those Iris ones now.

Intel are trying harder - they now make their own dedicated gaming GPUs also.

The real question that needs to be answered is: How do you plan to use the software? If this is to be for professional or hobbyist usage? The computer configuration can vary widely between them.

professional, I want to do some architecture stuffs like AutoCAD and SketchUp, I’m an architecture student and maybe get some jobs to do and make some money.

SketchUp only utilizes a single core of the processor. You want a fast processor, 32G of ram, and Nvidia graphics. The Nvidia graphics also work well when rendering with V-ray and other rendering software.

Not at all, apple igpu on the m series soc’s are way ahead of intel and even AMD igpu’s, it’s not even close.

You’ll need something with more power, specially if you’re trying to get jobs, most of people hire to make renders and virtual tours of their projects, that machine would take a lot of time to do the task.

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It is quite close when you look at GPU benchmarks - they are both pretty basic

Benchmarks and real life is different, and there are different gpu’s on apple m series machines, actually the m2 ultra gpu is the most powerful and the m1 is the less powerful. The only thing that this gpu’s lack is of ray tracing acceleration hardware, everything else is comparable with discrete gpu’s. That’s why enscape and twinmotion can run using apple gpu’s but not intel igpus. The space on the silicon die occupied by gpu is a lot more than the one occupied by the cpu compared to intel and amd where the gpu is a lot smaller than the space occupied by the cpu. Also the unified memory used by apple is a lot faster and efficient than the classic ram usage by the igpus.