Blank screen category

Perhaps it is time for a blank screen category…


Too specific for a forum category. And likely as a subcategory as well.

“Display Issues” as a subcategory might be better.

However it would be more helpful if the application could detect when it has OpenGL display issues and display a messagebox to the user, leading to a help article on how to fix their problem. (Update driver, switch of Fast Feedback, etc.)

Why can’t SketchUp switch OFF Fast Feedback for all Intel integrated GPUs on first run ?
(They can later try to switch it back on manually.)

I would even suggest that during the download tasks, that the user be asked if they are going to use SketchUp with a Intel integrated GPU and give them standardized instructions to print out in case they have issues.

The main problem is that hardly anyone reads instructions these days, much less the Hardware Requirements before trying to install and run applications.

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Also under the Help / User Guide chapter … Fixing an Issue in SketchUp
… it would help if a page entitled “Blank modeling area with Intel graphics” be created explaining what sages have to tell new users almost daily … switch off Fast Feedback or get a better GPU / computer.

Edit: Filed an issue in the Help article subcategory.

Agreed, but as stated onwards:

I thought this specific issues could use some special attention, perhaps learn @discobot some new tricks!
Eg. detect the words ‘screen’ and ‘blank’ and sent the standard info.

Without ‘loathing the community’ it allready seems that some answers I give, and I am sure others here experience the same, tend to be generated on auto-pilot (or text-snippet generated), which often feels as if we’re allready become one…

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

not now, discobot!

But if new users would only figure out how to type those 2 words into the :mag: search bar (upper right) they’d see numerous threads where their question has already been answered.

This is actually a grouping (filtered listing) of topic threads covering the same issue. So I wonder if there is already a Discourse plugin that admins could use to create pre-searched listings like this.

The main problem we have here is that new users / forum members have the “Latest” page set as the default landing page, and they’ve no idea from that how the forum is organized, what the rules are, how to search the forum or specific categories, etc.

It would be best if (at the least) the “Categories” page was the default landing page (that each member could change later via settings.)

Even better if there was a dedicated Help page for the forums that was the default landing page for new members. It could explain about discobot, the forum rules, how to search, where their settings are, etc., etc.


for many, especially novice users the KISS system is the only option, therefore disabling the option in general would avoid the issue in total resp. the need for a flaky detection (see CheckUp tool).

Users claiming here a slow display output speed could be granted the “Fast Feedback” option then, i.e. providing a positive experience :wink:

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