Blade Runner 2049 Artwork

This was my favourite recent hobby project, mainly because I have been so busy with freelance and applying for jobs I have not had time for anything fun. A few months ago Talenthouse ran a competition to create a poster for the new Blade Runner film to be used in marketing for the release.

  1. As a test I decided to make the whole thing in Sketchup with direct output only and no rendering. I created eight scenes and composited them together in Photoshop

2. Here are the scenes composited

3. Here is the scene with some colour overlay in Photoshop

4. Different colour

  1. With title treatment


I love it (and anything to do with Blade Runner)
Except maybe the sponsor logos - was that a competition requirement?

Did you ever play the Bladerunner PC game? That had some stunning hand-rendered 2.5d artwork.

The guidelines were ambiguous so I created versions with and without the logo’s (and other things). I think I had eight versions for final submission. Unfortunately entries only got prioritised if they had the faces of the actors and this was not specified in the guidelines, literally hundreds of us missed out…bummer!

I have heard about it, will see if I can track it down online!