Black rectangles around my models

Hi guys, I get black rectangles around my models, when I try to hide the edges it hides them on my other models too. Is there any way around it? Thanks.

Hard to say exactly from just a screen shot but I expect if you edit the components and hide their edges, that should take care of it. You can’t just turn off edges in the style because that affects the entire model in the scene.

It looks like you are using an image as a texture. Check the image to make sure that it remains transparent all the way to its edges.

If you reply with a small example file I can check the image too.

I think that @colin has it right, but without having the model, all we can do is guess. Sharing the SKP file will make it much easier for us to help you out!

If you were using a newer SketchUp version than 2017, I would guess that this was a result of opening the model in a newer version. The behaviour of hidden geometry and objects was changed, I think, for version 2020. Nowadays the visibility of objects and geometry inside components and groups can be controlled with scenes. In the first version of 2020 (if I remember right and it wasn’t 2019) all hidden edges inside components of older models became visible when the model was upgraded to 2020.